I attract the attention of 13-year-old boy has announced a breakthrough solar power generation model

13-year-old boy living in the United States, New York, has attracted attention by announcing a model of revolutionary solar power ever.Power generation panel of conventional it was a common thing of the plane, but he was announced, power generation model in the motif of the branches and leaves of the tree.

20% than that of the conventional type also being able to generate power efficiently by this.In the short time of the day of winter, power generation efficiency that’s up 50 percent.Aidan Dwyer’s I went to this announcement, (13 years).

His current Grade 7 (seventh grade) was led to come up with a model of the solar power efficient Taking a cue from nature.It is said that he thought that focuses on the growth process of the tree, how the leaves are about what has come to light as the growth.

As a result, branches and leaves of the tree are made so as not to block the light to each other, the mechanism is learned that it is one that is based on the “Fibonacci sequence”.Therefore, when placing solar panels on the basis of it, an experiment was carried out in comparison with a plane panel made themselves towards the tree model is excellent 20 percent power efficiency, the power generating time of day and further it was found to earn 2.5 times longer.When it comes to the winter months further, power generation efficiency is had exceeded 50 percent.

From this, as long as it is not a very large site, such as the desert, there is a possibility that the model of a tree came up he plays an active part.By the way, Masayoshi Son, president of Softbank’s has been promoting the “indenter project”, but aim for “Den-rin” and following the idea of ​​Aidan’s also Would not than may.

Ref: GEEKOSYSTEM American Museum of natural History (English)

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