“I do not want to hear Nantes K-POP is us!” In protest to Fuji TV

That the “honest, it helped me a lot, too, but I is not seen now really 8 in Twitter of actor Sousuke Takaoka.The 21st, triggered by the remarks of July 23 that I think any TV station of South Korea that “often” Fuji TV deflection and South Korea push the envelope press criticism “has appeared in the form of large-scale demonstration.

Demonstrators who gathered in Qinghai north pier park close to the Fuji TV at 13.The greeting by the organizers know 13:15 then, and practice of the chants are performed, starting the same park as scheduled 13:30.

“Fuji TV Stop that the biased coverage!”
“I do not want to hear Nantes K-POP is us!”
“Fuji TV Na to cut the Japanese flag, anthem!”
“Fuji TV Na to the violation of the Broadcasting Act!”
“Fuji TV is white give up radio license!”
“Fuji TV made a mechanism that utilizes the public airwaves, only Group companies profitable!”
“Program sponsor and Fuji TV’s guilty!”
“To continue the boycott of Fuji TV sponsor us!”

Passes through the Fuji TV before while raising the slogans and the like, it was held the “Odaiba United States” through Qinghai 1-chome, and Tokyo Teleport Station near the sea breeze park of goal point to over 50 minutes, the demonstration I was.

According to the management staff, and that “protesters were 3500 people in the police announcement, except that it was counted in us, I think in was in 5000-6000 people in the end” and.Rain was expected the day but the weather during the demonstration Cloudy.Even “heaven sided to us one participant.It has been said that cloudy to had been said to be rain, yet added, “was cool.