China winning, chilly tone of local to win the Japan – Universiade Games

Performs the final game of women’s football, China representative and Japan played against the 26th Universiade Games August 21, 2011, being held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.Coverage of Hunan Daily.

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The other day, it’s Japan Women’s soccer has just won the World Cup in the W, but the Chinese team that allowed one run earlier played a reversal at the end of the extension, the match of the day won the championship.

That said, news of China, Hunan Daily is not willing to let go of in this.According to the article, to the Japan national team born in the 1990s, almost 22 years of age or older is eight China representative.To obtain a qualification and sprinkled with some players for student athletes layer is thin, but it has become a mixed team of professional players and in fact.

Therefore, the reaction of the fans calm.Voice and “not a game a fair this” is flying to the net.(Translation and editing / love ball)

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