1.2 billion yen donation Chinese government, in Somalia food aid

The 21st, [Xinhua site Beijing August 21] United Nations World Food Programme announced the Chinese government has donated (1.2 billion 30 million yen) 16 million U.S. dollars in accordance with the emergency food aid plan for Somalia United Nations in Beijing was.
The deputy secretary general of the United Nations World Food Programme, “China has become an important support countries of the World Food Programme.I spoke of impressive more than anything else, and “said that contributed greatly to the action of the United Nations China and at the same time to strengthen the domestic development.
In Somalia support from the World Food Programme, to distribute food to 1.5 million people so far.Instant food mainly, relief supplies are intended to malnutrition improvement of young people.
(Translated Choi Lianhua / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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