It caught the net prostitution groups are a service to the wife from China – Beijing

Police in Beijing announced the early morning of August 19, mobilized more than 200 people, flushed with information through the Internet, and seized all at once prostitution crime syndicate of four was going to prostitution activities in an organized manner by providing a dedicated place.Daily legislation was told.

Arrested 126 suspects, including four ringleader, 51 people accomplice, 26 people guests at this time of raids, seized 246 units mobile phone that was used in the crime from the field.

Seized this opportunity to report the civil.Information organization of prostitution and has been behind the scenes in Beijing, Chaoyang District, near Lake unity were received.Police had advanced reconnaissance investigation.As a result, at around 3 am every day, grab a little bit of information and share equally the profits in a small dining room in the residential area, and asked him the opportunity.

3:00 on the 19th, Crime Scene Investigation is depressing to see everyone involved leader of a gang, recruiting role of customer, such as customer service officers were gathered in the dining room, was arrested everyone.Prostitution and women man guys a little bit, that it is the couple many.

Group 4 using the Internet both.After flowing prostitution information describing the contact, negotiate the price and customers who have been in contact, and guided to the inn story, If you notice.Hikiawase women, service begins as it is but if a customer asks Kiniire.

Task force is scheduled on the basis of clues that you know so far and investigation status and caught the suspect in the other.(Editors: Nakaoka Hideo)