[Tabloid show report] B type disadvantage in job hunting? Do not be surprised to hear companies blood type in an interview!

Blood type controversy in the “clean TIMES” corner.Beginning of the story’s article of Asahi Shimbun evening paper with the (August 2011) the 22nd yesterday.When asked the blood type in job hunting, students of B-type is said to be “self-paced” commonly is, that he is embarrassed to be “than the less advantageous”.

Kato Kouji moderator of the image down to listen to the blood type in the faux pas of Matsumoto Ryu before reconstruction minister.Wentz Eiji is (talent) “is O”.Kayama Rika (psychiatrist) “is B”.Yukio Kikuchi (lawyer) “is A”.Hayama Helene is (moderator) “This is B”

“This is likely hesitation I said B-type” Kato

“Hayama-san will Zuraso” said Wentz

That’s right, gluttonous at one’s own pace without complaint.

Because Ryu Matsumoto before reconstruction minister resigned in the gaffe was the excuse “because B-type”, Asahi Shimbun article introduces the voice of job hunting students’ impression of type B is bad “and, I have pointed out that there is still a company to stick to blood type.When you say such a thing, what fueled it’s horoscope do it, it’s blood type is it’s information program of TV.Even though it nobody believe, are you saying it’s good fortune-telling Nantes “did” It ‘s who.And I used Well, put such a story well.This just in a shameless.

“No relation to the personality” experts amazed as “Hey I have a such a company still” experts course.By truncating the “superstition of modern”, “What you hear in a job interview that can not be changed within himself the first place is wrong” refers to Nanzo relevance of blood type and personality.

Pull this, you can repeat “of listening to does not matter it funny,” said “Hayama funny” in one second remaining Kato.But in the next breath, Hayama was crosscut as “not funny”.This game, wins Hayama!

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