“Have yourself missing something” unhappy with the play of its own Kagawa

As well as look back on the play in the league on his blog, Japan representative MF Shinji Kagawa who belong to Dortmund have expressed their determination towards the next section.

I show the activity enough to be elected to the Best Eleven German magazine “kicker” at Hamburger SV game of the opening round, Kagawa, showed off the performance of the best part in the Japan-Korea game of the 10th, but the two games where the league severe from beginning to end to be weak and suffering to mark.Rigorous evaluation has been made also in the scoring of each game.

“Looking back at the two games here for the time being, assent does not say quite play as an individual,” said Kagawa himself has revealed the feelings that you are not satisfied with the performance of their own actually.

Also, “What, you have yourself an unusual.That you are not able to play, even if you practice, and “you have your own is not enough something, as I think from practicing also Tolo.

Still, in the next section to be performed away from home “game does not wait for me, and face to face with what I am firm this week,! You faces the Leverkusen game Organize before the game,” said that it is facing a new determination has declared.

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