Kangaroo dont Czech Republic go stealing only women’s underwear

It is not uncommon case a pet run away, but if some cases come back after that, and in some cases to survive back in the wild harsh, it is different results.

Kangaroo that had been kept in the Czech Republic I ran away, but … As a matter of what I had been during.

I was a underwear thief away.

[I see the image]
It’s living in the capital Prague, Czech Republic, and kangaroo to become 2-year-old named Benji of this place.

We were no longer know the whereabouts and on the run from the original owner, but it seems to have attracted women underwear while jumping into the garden from the garden of the residential area.

That it is the culprit was discovered, since when the victim that happens to be looked out the window from the kitchen, and saw the place where kangaroo with a underwear in the garden is blown.

According to the police, it is to report report kangaroo and no longer away from their owners and I entered, and the same time just, female underwear, which is Hosa as laundry of the deceased and began to enter.

It is the police that it was not expected to have any relevance at first, but happily the case (?) To resolve at the same time, Benji caught was returned to the original owner.

The said owner was relieved to see Benji came back safely, but registration also does not stick in where they have to remember the act of stealing underwear, and says that it is not a thing he had taught at least.

I do not think it is charged with underwear thief in kangaroo indeed, but this kangaroo, or would have been collected underwear if there is a place where what you think earth.

Escaped kangaroo goes on lingerie theft rampage in Czech Republic

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