2 of cosmetic surgery number, world! Student “job hunting shaping” increase – China

August 22, 2011, according to the ring and ball time signal, the 18th, Reuters reported that the number of cosmetic surgery in China up to 2 in the world, patients with young people is increasing, especially.

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Female college student that China has undergone plastic surgery double eyelid on summer vacation this year.6000 yuan (about 72,000 yen), I had my father out rates.Was shaping I wanted to become a “clean.I told swelling when playing after a few days, my eyes and “‘ll be attractive to large.

Like her, young people undergoing plastic surgery in pursuit of beauty is increasing.The statistics of the 2009 International Society of Cosmetic Surgery (ISAPS), cosmetic surgery number of Chinese world second place is second only to the United States.Number of operations in 2010, topped the 3 million According to the China Ministry of Health.

Among those who had surgery in the summer, 80% was a student in Beijing.In some cases to be in favor of marriage and “employment, parents recommend plastic surgery to children is an orthopedic surgeon.I told people undergoing surgery during the summer vacation and pre-university is “often.

It said, “believes that including the improvement of appearance, people want to stand on high ground in the society”, when job hunting, cases be asked to photograph affixed to resume many, who look good from the outside is to get a job expert He pointed out that it is believed to be advantageous.

However, cosmetic surgery of the illegal business has also increased by the increase in demand, the article is sounding the alarm when there is a possibility of sequelae and surgery failure.(Translation and editing / TH)

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