Japan defeat … Team Dragon Tsutsumi Daisuke only victory in the [overseas] kick Chunichi tournament

August 20 (Saturday local time) in China, Henan Province, “Wulin wind – The 6th China-Japan tournament -” was held.(Provision of information and cooperation Chinese Fighting Promotion)

Six games is performed as a countermeasure against China vs Japan in the tournament, including the team Dragon bias Sasaki KiJinko to be active in Krush, Tsutsumi Daisuke, et al, 6 players Japanese Yamamoto Noboru original MA Japan bantamweight champion (such as ChigiriAkira) But war.Rules are made (Men 3 minutes 3R, 2 minutes 3R women) in Wulin wind K-1 special rules, in Henan TV of China, the pattern of competition was on the air throughout China.

In the second game, Sasaki appeared.Sasaki not be able to hit the side kick and punch of anomalies of Wang 柯函 long reach tall, and strike together at a distance of his quite.Enters the 2R, is allowed to hit the left upper and right hook, fight back packed in a corner Wang several times. 3R also showed both intense rally, but Sasaki was the judgment of regret losing.

Tsutsumi appeared in the fourth game.Development of tension while achieving 1R, both distance.Tsutsumi out before even while receiving a strong right body circumference of KokorozashiHo (China).Enters the 2R, counter-point face of feeling out of crest determined, Zhou also put a tortured expression involuntarily.Bank began to grasp the pace of their own, but the doctor check to cut the lips by a punch in the circumferential.It is a bank that aggressively attack such as the left face-off high even later, 3R finals ending not budge an inch in the fight out before Zhou.If you rush into overtime at the end of the draw decision, declared victor rises in bank that continued to the end attacked the periphery of the stamina out, and won impressive decision victory.Voice of praise went up, “It is best fights of today definitely” from Wulin wind stakeholders.

In the ninth game, MANABU and (Team Dragon), which is 17 to winning or losing in the round of 17 without knowing Wulin wind, clash with (China) expedient as a foreign player killer dubbed the “guardian of the Wulin wind”.Down right hook while stuffed with distance and bit by bit while applying 1R, pressure, expedient was feeding suddenly catches the face of MANABU.MANABU that collapsed when the rope became KO defeat will not stand up as it is.

Other, three games China vs Germany is also done, and cited one wins nine games in tournament with China only Tsutsumi.Curtain of the game is closed by a landslide in China team.It is a Chinese fighter with excellent original physical surface, but the game progressing techniques and also has improved rapidly in recent years, it will be a presence to surpass the world definitely future.

“Wulin wind-6th China-Japan tournament …”
August 20, 2011 (Saturday), China’s Zhengzhou City in Henan Province Henan TV eighth studio

▼ first nine games Wulin wind 80kg K-1 special rule 3 minutes 3R
○ expedient (= Fang Bian / China)
1R47-second KO
● MANABU (Team Dragon)

▼ Fight # 8 75kg Wulin wind K-1 special rule 3 minutes 3R
○ one dragon (= Yi Long / China)
Minutes 42 seconds 1R2 KO
● YoshiShigeyoshi (ChigiriAkira / MA Japan middleweight 4th)

▼ fifth game Wulin wind 65kg K-1 special rule 3 minutes 3R
○ Shakaminari (= Xie Lei / China)
3-0 decision
● (10 of S / WPMF Japan welterweight) Keita

▼ fourth game Wulin wind 70kg K-1 special rule 3 minutes 3R
○ (2 of Team Dragon / former All Japan welterweight) Daisuke Tsutsumi
Extension decision 3-0
● Zhou KokorozashiHo (= Zhou Zhipeng / China)

▼ the second game women 57kg Wulin wind K-1 special rule 2 minutes 3R
○ Wang 柯函 (= Wang Kehan ​​/ China)
3-0 decision
● Sasaki KiJinko (Team Dragon / first generation J-GIRLS featherweight champion)

▼ first game Wulin wind 60kg K-1 special rule 3 minutes 3R
○ Komei (= Kong Ming / China)
10 seconds 3R2 minutes TKO
● Noboru Yamamoto (ChigiriAkira / original MA Japan bantamweight champion)