Likely to increase the flow of dips aim

Japanese stock market of the 26th today, and want to assess the lecture of the U.S. Bernanke tonight
From the flow, market deployment strong sense of stalemate is expected as well as the U.S. market.Bernanke
View reference to (QE3) quantitative easing additional and not performed in a lecture is many, over-
Expectations a degree is not growing.However, the U.S. market the most recent expectations of quantitative easing additional
Seen sometimes had surged from impact when it is disappointed with easily alarming.

That said, looking Automobile Stocks of the 25th yesterday, the strength of the return of the machine stock, and in hard-to-participate
Impact of index buying was out big.Flow to compress the risk assets stops
It is necessary to determine from, but the situation is Ru Kirikaese at once confirming market if Misere calm
Has been.

The investor by buying and selling trends in the 4 weeks in August, foreign investors are net selling in 4 weeks in a row.Was
I, UEtsu-gaku the 156.1 billion yen, I shrank from the previous week (338.3 billion yen).As for the futures
Yue amounts and 54.7 billion yen and sales in TOPIX futures combined 225 futures, to a large extent from the previous week (359.7 billion yen) as well
Has shrunk.Adjustment of the price of gold the most recent association is a move towards the resumption of investment to risk assets
bringing awareness to the reversal rate is strengthened gradually is expected.

It is possible that the ladder is removed in a speech FRB Chairman Ben Bernanke, but next week at any rate
Possibility that the market will greet the turning point since there is likely to.In addition, domestic political problems also of the new cabinet
That the first birth is expected to precede is expected, and Follow us on the expectations of the market in September.

Therefore, it is considered that the selling and precedes the background the U.S. stock prices, but the flow trough to sell under
The Uyori, it is possible that increase the flow of dips aim to brand, which has been touted.Or
Was, the daily trade up aim short-term due to material strain looks to be the center, but energy regeneration
In addition to the establishment of special measures energy bill, fund of smart grid-related set in the next week
It is in a situation where because it is, ransacked to renewable energy is likely to relapse.

In addition, Dow Jones 11149.82 depreciation of $ 170.89, the Nasdaq 48.06 NY market of the 25th
2419.63 point of depreciation.Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value of 8745 yen 35 yen depreciation OSE ratio.NTT
, Honda, Mitsui Sumitomo, Mitsubishi dealer, Komatsu, Kyocera
Such as, cheap general small-to-TSE compared ($ 1 77.5 yen equivalent).