High school baseball that can not be moving experiences, enthusiasm.Dubiousness plain brown wrapper, which is not hide in the Biz

I started watching TV and I think whether I’ll look around 9:00-finals August 20, “93rd National High School Baseball Championship, final” 2011, 3 of Nichidaisan high three back willing to continue to see “It’s no good after all” in the run home run is a withered.One-sided game of 11 vs 0 if Mire over.It does not make the body of the finals.Where do interesting.Was a dull game.Author lives in is that of a West Tokyo Nichidaisan height represent exactly, but they did not come and can help support this school at all.This is because, it is because I do not want to support the high school scraped players have said a long time ago · PL, bullshit, and now comes with private universities.It is not nothing interesting in this school mini pro team like.
Coming from painful Tohoku East Japan Earthquake, I wanted Yari let win light star Academy was winning only, but come here, underage drinking allegations of light star academy to be transmitted, which way also Which one’s the.Why can not enthusiastic purely high school baseball author is because they feel the dubiousness disreputableness somehow.If you encouragement president of Asahi Shimbun is wearing a sports shirt matching of Wakazukuri at the opening ceremony, can not I impressed it is not that it without the late.
High school baseball to pass.It’s for one-sided game, but one-sided game stand out in professional baseball.Put such as 8 points in one inning.For 5-point lead to 8 times in the back, there is also a game that Seibu lost encased six points in the first half of the ninth inning.Yakult is also put 8 points in Yokohama that table once, Yakult draw in the 10-to-10 caught up in recent years! Point from entering many concentration or because the cut in the intense heat, and whether the technology or even decrease in late.

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