[Taiwan] blog delighted days are fleeting … regret it becomes full-time people in Japan?

Fleeting, joy pig handful of Taiwanese women living in Japan (handle name) after he became the full-time in the company of Japan also occur at the same time trouble.I have spelled to blog about it.

Pig’s grip in the company of less than half a year, it was recommended to become a full-time first byte.The byte four and a half hours “daily at the seven-hour work when busy.Salary is small sometimes a little hard, but it “was happy with Saturday and Sunday because the rest completely.

It is said in such, and do not become full-time president straight people, grip pig’s delight.”Job description affairs in production and packaging that came until now.The reply was as pleased as Punch, and “thank you” in the immediate answer.Savings will be able to, I can pay even mortgage.I did, I did! I have said a state of mind at that time “.

And hard at work to become a full-time, and I thought to be “rest slowly so on Saturday”, amazed to know the form of a vacation is different from the byte era.It was reported that “what, only once a month! Regular employees of rest on Saturday it seems every week rest only Sunday” and.

To know the form of a “vacation, my mood worst.The truth “to colleagues?It’s pig grip who are serious about it was confirmed as “, and added,” want to talk to the president want to rest Saturday and Sunday, but it can not be said to the president actually quite “But.It is because you are not listen even want to hear.When I thought of that, head going crazy.I’m troubled …… “I wonder if I do.Pig’s grip can be said that it is one that has real experience the bitterness and harshness that get a job in a foreign country.(Editors: Noha Takako yellow 珮君)