Is it fast so I F1! Easy-to-understand comparison of the sports car (video)

Thing that was modified for racing high-performance vehicles such as sports cars, also would have been overwhelmed by the speed and ridiculous when viewed live at the racetrack.

In Will there is a difference how much when compared to F1.

Please refer to the easy-to-understand video, which has been a topic.

[I see the video]

Left F1 GT car, the right.Circuit Spa in Belgium.

Definition of GT cars that of the “what was modified for racing car based on the type of sport that has produced more than 500 per year for the purpose of sale”.

There seems to be a difference in the angle a little, but I’ll see overwhelming speed, such as fly the F1.

I introduce you to extract a comment overseas site for this video.

· It’s a great unprecedented sound.

-I think the sound of the car and down quite a lot in fact TV.Head I was hurt I went to the racetrack, I took ear plugs also.

· Do not go without ear plugs to F1.So, I try to remove only a few minutes.I know the power of a real car at the time.

• From the age of five, when the value was the cart was good ….

• In the United States, if there is no good enough popular F1, rally, such as the MotoGP, NASCAR’ve got popular Why? You do not understand a charm and I only have four hours left much.

And video of the best expressed in the F1 guitar sound.
The Best F1 Guitar corners – YouTube
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