Back consciousness after 30 minutes even slammed to the ground fainting Drogba, in the air

Accident occurs in the Chelsea vs Norwich Section 3 Premier League that took place in the 27th.

63 minutes, the hands of Norwich GK John Rudy while attempting to process a cross ball went up in front of the goal, hit the face of Didier Drogba who had Seria~tsu.It is not possible Drogba was fainting in the air to take a passive, it was slammed to the ground in a state prone.

Then, after the treatment was continued for a little less than ten minutes, on the pitch, transported to hospital.30 minutes consciousness that did not return to causing concussion.Drogba was discharged on the same day, but it is necessary to check the state for a few days.It ‘s also played into the game in the future, and it is necessary to look at the course.

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