I felt in Hong Kong, vitality and potential of rural Japan is great!

Was held until August 11 to 13, 2011, Hong Kong Food Expo.Because it was Come company like you we have been in our acquaintance is the exhibit, and I visited the exhibition booth.

Also technology of the company like, as soon as the food sector to feel skin the height of the interest of investors and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, China, Japan has, the agricultural sector, in the environmental field, you realize the height of its technical capabilities is.

I was able to visit was divided the “Japan Booth”, feeling the vitality and potential, local Japanese, spend the time to get a very well.

Agu pig of Okinawa, shochu of Kyushu, Hiroshima oysters, such as instant noodles, rice in Niigata, Shikoku.

In cooperation on a regional basis, it was he been a PR attractive regional Bussan.

While drinking shochu, and tasting the knob, and I have an delicious rice ball, tighten ramen.

Booth visit was Yuki advanced in the procedure as when I went to drink (laughs)

Of anywhere booth, that it is PR Bussan regional, products of its own it with confidence, that it was happiest is that the high degree of perfection is very crowded making of quality and taste more than anything.

I felt to be the world’s leading “Japanese food” still.

Some people of this local that are visiting, how the tasting-tasting, has been handed down that are have a high degree of satisfaction and is visited interested very.

I must Yuka to the activation “potential of rural Japan, vitality” to the absolute.

And I also felt that the establishment of “Japan brand” There is an urgent need again.

I think the background you feel so, whether not there that “there is a lot of beauty in each commodity, which is present at a point, brand” power to sum up the “product groups is weak” and.

The following is what you have let me originated in a separate column.

While desire earnestly “activation of the potential vitality of local” and “the establishment of Japan-brand”, you will be calling once again.

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Need to branding the quality

“Aussie Beef”

I think those who do not know the word to say and do not probably do not Irasshara.It is the Aussie beef, so, it is the Australian Beef.

Australia Meat Livestock Corporation, which was established livestock farmers of Australia also invested in the 1980s.it means that this public corporation to make effective use of funds, and requests the branding of Australian beef in each country and region.And generic brand of Australian cattle is finished is not called “Aussie Beef”.

Japan but what?

“Wagyu” You have fans all over the world now, but not completely become the major brands another very much.Saga cow, Miyazaki cattle, Mitaushi, etc. Matsusaka beef,, great beef is making the markets alone.

You are about to add to the imagination this is whether it is largely due to silos leading to the public and private sectors.

Let’s consider the branding of Japanese beef as an example Aussie beef that I wrote earlier.

For example, through the livestock organization that encompasses Japan, and branding first Wagyu.For example, in China “Wagyu” is a condition called “Wagyu” In the West zone.

The branding thoroughly first of Japanese beef for Japan to produce “quality”, is subjected to a recognition.

I Yuku hanging individual brand cattle, ○ × × cow, ○ subsequently.

So you think it is well branding a Wagyu who we do this always brings in Japan, that it might be earn the market more.

The other day, the president of Come was become to come to us it is that it lets make up a mechanism for branding the traditional crafts of Japan,, this model will win a world market.

I felt that it really great to hear a good story.

I think those of practical use for a long time is raised polished many crafts of Japan, which is not a viewing, with functional beauty for practical use there is many.I think that it is that great element of beauty and this functionality is, and is utilized all over the world as a functional design and widely.

You’d like to think the world of branding strategy again.○ ○ but instead of branding apart the individual baked, weave × ×, that such as dyeing, □ □, for example, to build up the brand that tells the symbolic quality of the Japan big “Takumi”, “clever”, as in “Takumi”.

And speaking of “Takumi” in the world, and is recognized as a traditional craft and traditions superior technology of Japan, and Yuku put there the individual brands after.Louis Vuitton back incorporating based on the symbol of “Takumi” nice fabrics, woodworking, dyeing, gold leaf, pottery, and lacquerware,.IPhone case that has been built up in collaboration with the dyeing of gold leaf and lacquer.

Do not you think it looks good brackets?(Laughs)

Also on the basis of us, I’ll have to consult for the overseas market expansion and product many products.

Often you think for Japanese companies that were able to come to win the market well in the domestic market up to now, most of the poor and whether it is branding.

Speaking to the world and business, and whether you are good at it? I think in.

It will turn into a little side street, Mercedes and Toyota.

The can may be an image of companies by not showing the vehicle is a product of the company is either?

It would definitely Mercedes.

Hope that it will be the difference, and if they are really the difference in time and cost, which has been applied to establish a corporate brand surely.

Speaking more, it might be a difference in the awareness of “the importance of the brand”.

I will return the story.

First thing you need to global market strategy of Japan now, branding aspect of comprehensive exceeding the silo.In other words I think and what not “branding of quality”.

It is not a useless competition, intra-industry cooperation it will be to really important.(Author: Hori Akinori offer: China Business headlines)