New owner of Rome foresee a “great future”

Thomas Dibenedetto who is the new owner of Rome, according to the interview Italy of “Sky Sports”.The owner asked for help to supporters is to tell us a little more about the stadium construction of Rome own.

I’m taking and appropriate “jurisdiction, contact the Olympic Committee.I hope to get with the possibility to build a football-only stadium in the future.You are considering where, what makes how.I in cooperation with partners in Italy have recognized the economic importance of having a stadium of their own.It is thought if you have the appropriate cooperation,’s possible really making a new stadium ”

“I am not come to change the Italian football.I was coming in order to grow the game in Rome.But, in my view, that all clubs of Italy is healthy is desirable.Lega If healthy, we also because is healthy as a result ”

“Serie A is in the sound, it is possible to obtain a greater value also right.In detail, I’m think I do not have to be a comfortable environment stadium is better Serie A, supporters like the chase game.I think Juventus is it the role model ”

As for MF Eric lamellae FW Bojan-Kurukitchi Newest, I think that there is a great future in “They.Not quite the players with techniques like them.You are paid tribute added, “will be a significant presence for the success of our team.

What goal of Rome or will become of? Dibenedetto owner was concluded:.

Still in the process: “We.In order for the athletes understand better about each other, I need more time.I am moderately optimistic.Evolve, it should be a team that is very competitive.Let’s seen to get better during the season.But I think the really great future is waiting “