Prime Minister change drama of Chinese media bring Japan and lessons to ridicule people

Close the curtain Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda reverses Banri Kaieda said in the “drama”, Prime Minister Noda is born the Democratic Party presidential election.What next door “great power politics” China do they see, this political drama.Mr. Satoshi Tomi-zaka of journalists commentary.


High-speed rail accident in China is a big topic, many Japanese seem to lower the Ryuin to this news in Japan.On the other hand, the first time the vagus Japanese politics prime minister are interchanged small claims about From the point of view of China next seems to be anything interesting.

August 27, which was ahead of the presidential election of the Democratic Party, international information paper-based People’s Daily “ring and ball Times” was featured in an editorial this topic.What, ‘s title.

In the Chinese media to choose the word cautious to foreign affairs, the more this “ring-and-ball time signal”‘s a little bit different, it is because has gained overwhelming support of readers by a propagation of the real intention.From strictly deliberately to foreign tone to Japan is a severe Above all, it’s daily newspaper called “Chinese” Sankei Shimbun “” in between the Beijing correspondent of Japan.

In other words, it is a media that reflects the real intention of public opinion even in journals, if China or looking at Japanese politics, where digits Butcha’ve seen that mean.

So, what editorial of the “ring-and-ball time signal” do they analyze the prime minister of this change.

First, the latest series of the prime minister change drama series I wonder intend to challenge even the Guinness record.

I analyze this the current situation in Japan on it.

In, “ring-and-ball Times” is, whether they say what Japan under these predicament that he should.

It is because you are from being written in this way to the foreign media were also troubled, but either of truth desire to argue and also also does not come springs.