“Fraud cases aimed at Chinese Chinese” is frequent in Japan, women who swindled ¥ 7,000,000 – even flower-shaped paper

August 27, 2011, and called attention aimed at the Chinese in Japan “Kanemoto treasure” scam as being popular is doing the trouble of consultation in Japan Chinese “Sino-Japanese Volunteer Association”.Flower-shaped paper, Japan 僑報 is transmitted on 28 date.

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The gold old days of China’s “treasure Kanemoto”.According to the association, the last few years, from the person posing as migrant workers from China, “Kanemoto treasure” came out of the “construction site.Phone to fool to say that such a “hope to cooperate in the process began to come in Japan depend on Chinese home.100 people, has received a phone call from Hokkaido to Okinawa in the past, a few of whom 10 were damaged.

Person to come make a phone call to the Chinese aim to outfit a naive young man in terrible southern accent, successful economic and social in Japan.Last year, the association formed a “meeting of Kanemoto treasure victim”.In cooperation lawyers and police, etc. Chinese Embassy, ​​and has taken measures.

Woman to become ’30 Japan has been appealed to the association as “swindled a ¥ 7,000,000” for the 20th.Last month, asks for help from a young man claiming to be “cousin of the best friend a long time ago”, and that had accordingly.According to the woman, where you find the pot at a construction site is working “, brought back to the dormitory in secret, a large amount of” Kanemoto treasure “came out with paper money and silver coins from young man serious look.We have approached the story added, “will be several tens of million yen equivalent.

And, not a friend to “Japan, and also do not know Japanese.It must return to China in the contract running out next week.You’ll leave each pot with credit because it is a close friend of cousin.Do not you give me cash as an alternative.I was told the vase and “come to take it to Japan again later.Women that they fully and emaciation that it “had to pass all of the savings”.(Translation and editing / NN)

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