I check from economic indicators and consumption employment there while picking up

Today, such as the unemployment rate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, also, employment statistics, such as the ratio of job offers from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, commercial sales statistics from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, has been published each.Both are statistics of July.However, I think, such as the unemployment rate because it is counted except for the three provinces affected still, I do not even very helpful in revealing statistically about the Japanese economy presently, but simple, I want to pick up.First, as follows to quote an article from the site of the Nikkei.
4.7 percent unemployment rate in July, the second straight month deterioration ratio of job offers to improve
(Seasonally adjusted, except three prefectures affected) The unemployment rate in July of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has announced the 30th stood at 4.7 percent, was 0.1 percentage points higher than in the previous month.People laid off from a company, the unemployment has increased.On the other hand, the ratio of job offers to the same month of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare summarizes becomes 0.64 times, and 0.01 point improvement compared to the previous month.The employment situation is picking up the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake has run its course, but the movement toward improvement has continued to seesaw.
On a seasonally adjusted value of nationwide with the exception of the three affected provinces, the unemployment rate worsened for the second straight month.Unemployed becomes 2.94 million people, up 50,000 compared to the previous month.”Leavers involuntary” that unemployment in the circumstances in the workplace has become 1.1 million people of the 60,000 increase.The number of people unemployed in the “reason voluntary” remained flat.Employment was 59.59 million people of the 40 000 people, down overall.
According to the placement situation at Hello Work of July that the ministry put together, 67 million people, the number of new job offers to be a leading indicator of employment has increased 4.0%.After reaching 65 million people in February this year, the number of new job openings fell in March due to the earthquake, but recovered to pre-quake level.”Labor demand related to reconstruction and recovery is expanding” and (MHLW).
New job seekers number of July 62 million people of the same down 2.4%.This results in a new ratio of job offers to the same 0.07 percentage points and 1.07 times.I found for a new job prior to the economy is picking up, the unemployment rate also continue to improve gradually.
Growth rate in July increased 0.7% retail sales, past the third convenience store
According the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced the 30th Survey of Commerce of July in (preliminary), sales of the retail industry as a whole becomes a 11 trillion 798 billion yen of 0.7% year-on-year increase, and has increased for the second month running.In addition to last-minute demand for TV swelled before the terrestrial digital broadcasting migration, such as the fan was also sold in power-saving measures.And 820.4 billion yen of the 11.4% increase, sales of convenience stores recorded a growth rate third in the past comparable since April 1998.
Sales of large retail stores in the 1 trillion 784.3 billion yen of 1.9% growth, increased for two consecutive months.In addition demand for big ticket items such as watches and jewelery to the partial recovery in department stores, such as drinks and cool feeling bedding were sold in the supermarket.
Car sales fell 18.3 percent in the same sluggish, but the rate of decrease has shrunk in comparison with the immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

First, the graph of employment statistics are as follows.From the top panel, the unemployment rate, the ratio of job offers, is the number of new job.In the series of seasonally adjusted, both’m a recession is part shaded, but does not include the three provinces affected after March this year only statistics of the unemployment rate of the top panel.

As is well known, leading indicator, the ratio of job offers coincident indicator, and is a lagging indicator is the unemployment rate, many economists, including I believe the economy to new openings.So, we are receiving unemployment rate worsened in the second consecutive month, but employment and have improved very gradual as seen in the period after the earthquake.

Then, changes in commercial sales statistics are as graph above.Year-on-year in the original series that the top panel is not seasonally adjusted, the bottom panel is the index series was seasonally adjusted.Respectively, wholesale blue, red has become a retail.Seasonally adjusted in July fell from June a little retail sales underlying the personal consumption, but I have received to recover the pre-quake level almost, consumption and normalized.I believe that because it depends on the mind and income outlook for consumption, you may want to check the wage payment of the Monthly Labor Statistics to be announced tomorrow.

Following the Democratic Party presidential election yesterday, there is a prime minister nominated by the National Assembly today, there is a human resources and a series of appointment of Parliamentary Secretary and Deputy Minister of cabinet members in the government.Because it is a busy time as a civil servant, you have undertaken lightly indicators commentary.