Uncle of President drunk driving,,.

According to the AP, such as communication, 24 day and night, uncle of President Obama, On’yango Obama Onyango Obama suspect (67) was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, such as in Eastern Massachusetts Framingham.And without stopping the car at the required intersection of stopped once, in response to police questioning of police officers at the scene, Obama allegedly discovered that drinking and driving in the subsequent inspection. Initially, Obama suspect was denied drinking, but it was admitted that drinking two cups of beer finally. Obama suspects after restraint, was asked whether you need a phone call for bail application was said, “I think I try to call the White House”.

At the time, the President was on vacation in Massachusetts.Obama suspects in from Kenya, half-brother of the father of the President. There is a possibility of illegal entry, I had received a deportation order to the Kenya previously.Obama suspect that was pleaded not guilty at the arraignment of the 25th.

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Do not have much of a case, but at the beginning of the news, in the news, photos aunt and uncle seemed to be confused, I have modified this blog post.Zeituni Polly Onyango’s aunt, lower right, 58 years old. And a sister uncle of illegal stay in his half-brother and sister of the father of (Obama.Computer programmer) this person is also illegally stay in the United States since 2004, and living in public housing in Boston from 2008.She was suffering from (acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuroradiculitis) Guillain-Barre syndrome at that time.It took the court in the spring of 2010 and then, but live in the United States won the Boston stay in the trial, uncle of drunk driving also seems to have shelter (sister) to under this aunt.

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According to the description of the issue in 1995 book Dreams from My Father of the President, you are supposed to have left the U.S. 25 years ago, in the relatives of the president, Onyango said the uncle of President was there that has been missing may was.This uncle, seems to have collided with the patrol car of the SUV Mitsubishi SUV Mitsubishi.In alcohol testing, recording more than the provisions 0.08mg/100ml state, the 0.14mg/100ml, was admitted drinking, but has pleaded not guilty to illegal entry, but likely to be repatriated to Kenya seems to be high.See article