“Train announcement, speak properly!” Dissatisfaction of commuter train

According to the questionnaire that was intended for business people working in Tokyo’s 23 wards, people who responded out of 850 users of JR East, and there is a point that I think I complained, I want to improve 70.1% that had.

Examined by the Marsh of Internet research firm.It means that amounted to 77.4 percent when limited to users of more than five days a week, nearly 80% of OL and office workers to use to commute daily, have some complaints.

Way of speaking for the microphone of the old influence?The were many in that they think the complaint, “that the information and announcement of delay time is insufficient” and “that the train is delayed”.It is the accuracy of the railroad of Japan received with a surprise to tourists from overseas, it seems there are passengers still frustrated.

How do I feel that in such a rush, but also to,

Train of “subsequent has been delayed.There are moments when you wish upon hearing a description that such “Please wait for a while, and difficult to understand for sure.In addition, there were also calls for the installation and elevator and home doors, escalators and cleaning of toilet.

Women in their 50s of respondents,

It cites a desire to as “want to say it can be seen more clearly larger, the car announcement”.Depending on the people who use the microphone, but he that there are times when you do not know what you’re talking about.

Question “why announcement of the train, so much also how hard to hear” that is also found here and there on the net.There is a theory and a theory “has put out a distinctive voice so as not to be mistaken with the conversation of the passengers,” and “The Remains of the way of speaking of Mike” for “a long time ago that was hard to pick up sound” This.

But in, it does not imply that talking to an attempt really hear “to refer to a unique vocalization.However, I’m just talking strutting.Some people angry that it “is good without knowing the customer.A’s also 30’s who work in Tokyo,

When I got to a certain line that served to “Shibuya, was a crew to the car and broadcasting” to de Ibuyaa over …! “And pompously.Reveal it seems to be narcissistic forget the customer, and “It was unpleasant.According to Mr. A, in the Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro, because automatic broadcasting by announcer professional flows basically, that have a feeling of discomfort such’re less likely out of the commuter train downtown.