[Sports Watch] Sawa, “It is not an absolute leader” to talk about the future

The 1st, women’s soccer Japan representative = Nadeshiko Japan facing the kick off London Olympics Asian qualifiers in China.Broadcasting the 29th, Nippon Television in the “NEWS ZERO”, storm Sho Sakurai, director of program caster, told how the interviewed Homare Sawa.

Sawa that the W Cup win, and comment again.The later a month to come back “, or rather finally, I feel like things a long time ago too and.While we talk without off a whole day, where to, “said Sawa, but Sawa” be carried out with “a feeling such like, puzzled that the living environment has changed completely to return home after a glimpse, to senior = Sakurai of celebrity” It is not related at all, but (like disguise) Would you Barre?Also the scene and ask “.The answer “hat mask and I was thinking that it is the pattern of the strongest, but it from being noticed in it, I am walking in Nozura to give up,” said Sakurai reveal that you are not disguise.

As for the People’s Honor Award, “honest, and surprised, and I did not stop baby well.Added, “not Wakan well guys, it was Sawa that showed how confused again, but if asked when it did not burn at W Cup victory, and I think that I thought that it was fully spear”, and that left the football You.I think more than you’re doing on the active list, and you want to become good soccer more and more, and because I think it can become well.Was eager to between doing it and “want aims on thoroughly.

But, even now of “active duty, do you have the image of the following from Sakurai?Ya it is asked and “is not there to say I” This.It is not an absolute leader.And I do not know football.The Nde timing their school, and sense.Razz children I like great, but added, “I can not do it is such as teaching or.

Still, the Asia qualifiers, and although it has won the “W Cup, I do another thing.When it comes to competition in Asia.This is the second frame from Asia, and because it is a tight schedule to W Cup or more, and there condition is’s it ‘s such becomes more important really, soccer style (Asian)’s Tteyuu are also similar to some Nde, spicy spear I increase the height some.And braced so that the environment of China away, pressure different from the W Cup is “certain, told powerfully” Of course, “says Tai Catching the gold medal in the end.