Dejectedly scare off “put out the money” bank robbery scolded → “so as not to interrupt the sequence of window” attendant

Success rate is low and bank robbery, the majority seems to end in failure, but there seems to be a variation in various ways depending on how the failure.

Incident a man entered the robbery in the U.S., angry as “as not skip the order of the other guests” from the clerk of the window, that was breaking up as it occurred.

This man says that he entered the robbery in Eastern bank that is in the South Boston, is that because they ran away without taking anything after all, and with not known identity.

This guy showed me the notes that you wrote “Give me all his money” go to the window of the first first.Then the clerk seems to have not responded to the request by saying “this window is closed again,” and.

Man I was towards the window of the next of necessity, but scolded as “so do not skip the order” from the customers and staff of that place now, but it was prompted to remove the food that you wore from head further, It is to say that it went out it rejects.

Then, is reported as an attempted robbery, police are chasing the whereabouts of the man now, witnesses have testified that he was a man of about 18-25 years of age.

Also bank robbery, it would have not anticipated and is scolded by the order No way, but the way of sitting liver of bank staff who is also a big deal.

Would-be bank robber told off for queue jumping

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