between Japan and incompatible habit “Manner and regulations”

Friction of three different cultures to each other

3-1 theme

I’ve seen the Chinese in various scenes train, restaurant, and city until now.At that time, I thought I is interesting, it is the behavior of Japanese people surrounding around the idea of ​​the rules and manners in their Japan.

For example, is the use of mobile phone on a train.It would be Japanese If you look at the people who are using the train within the mobile phone, but it would be Chinese, but in Japan, everyone sends to the person a cold gaze.However, most of the Japanese people, I know a thing called manners of Japan.If you have Japanese-speaking mobile phone while Ategai hand, Japanese are allowing the use of mobile phone implicitly with a look that everyone is convinced.

However, Chinese people I meet on a train are using a mobile phone is lifted everyone a voice.Japanese sends cold gaze to the Chinese, but you never notice it Chinese.Because it is not a big problem, in a loud voice in the public, the use of mobile’s have allowed implicitly in China.

After admission, on ways for image recovery during the day, I’ve been studying from the point of view of crime prevention.However, in recent years, it can not be said by the economic development of China, until the lost, but the crimes committed by the Chinese in Japan has been greatly reduced.However, there is ill feeling between the Chinese and Japanese still.I thought in order to grasp the identity of this ill feeling, and or not than require that reconsider the fundamental part more.

And now, also the difference in the rules and manners, I hypothesized that than there is the origin of the gap of mutual understanding between Japan and.In other words, it is the thought was there is conflicting cultures and customs in Japan and China, it’s indelible, ill still between the two countries, and they do not stand out because.It is why I chose the “manner and regulations” as a self-study this theme.

The purpose of the questionnaire 3-2

And objectives

This time, we conducted a survey in order to put together an easy-to-understand difference of manners between the two countries.Compares the Japanese and Chinese, the extent to which you are aware of the rules and manners that if either said, or are not aware of which part.In addition, people, what have found the value of the degree to which rules and manners in Japan and China.As how to teach the individual rules and manners to each other, there is any difference by those who teach, like how they do they act as a result during the day.I tried to plumb the contents of more than.It is because it is thought by analyzing the results obtained therefrom, and of being found the clue image recovery.

3-3 questionnaire

Questionnaire survey.Omitting.

(Author: 3 years Furusawa Sho Journal of College of International Relations )