I entered the countdown day that [Libya] U.S. aircraft to take-off and landing

Monarchy era, the U.S. military was using Maitiga Air Force Base on the eastern edge of the capital Tripoli.Military aircraft of African countries, including Algeria and the Soviet Union began to fly frequently from (1969 -) Become the Gaddafi regime.of course not the use of military aircraft for NATO dictator was screaming violently to “overthrow Western”.

February, begin to exert a “special feature” Maitiga Base when it comes to civil war de facto rebel army uprising.Important information has been brought to the anti-government forces from the Air Force colonel of government forces –

Every day, Ilyushin you loaded with mercenaries from African countries beginning Algeria (Soviet transport aircraft) is that he has landed in Maitiga base.

Tensions ran into anti-government forces.If army composed of its own people, and to destroy the Land, a gun in public is sick to the back teeth.Lead to the spread of war weariness mood.But it is without such hospitality is Gaddafi mercenaries hired by gold.Mercenaries were bombing of Land, Infrastructure and showered bullets on the people of Libya.Combat is was supposed to be the people of Libya continued Many casualties than six months.

Falaj Air Force colonel and was told the intelligence of first-class anti-government forces, was (50 years old).I heard a story to meet the same Colonel.”Gaddafi because I hated the regular army.Was hard to do.Gaddafi did not care only guards and mercenaries “.Falaj Colonel recalls.

Gaddafi was sworn enemy to the east of Benghazi rivalry to Tripoli strong Unlike from their own tribe.There were officers who ran into the anti-government forces for who was ordered to Benghazi air strikes on Gaddafi.Ali’s Hado~usu Captain.Captain joined the rebel army set up a base in Misratah soon civil war begins.

Fought with the army of Gaddafi in dimensional worlds to gun control stick, but when I was past the 50 days from the start of combat, was killed was hit.

Army of the new nation heard how it should be in the falaj colonel of the previous.(Rather than move in gold as mercenaries) “can be obtained sincere human.Not because of the system, it should be the army for the people, for God. “.Colonel was tan to copper-color, was beaming eyes with proud expression.

Morale was high anti-government forces of tailoring improvised’s broke the army of Gaddafi, because there was a strong covering fire of NATO.Is required to return of course.

it is inevitable that the weapons system becomes a Western made from Russian made in China so far.day when U.S. aircraft to take-off and landing the Maitiga base in a lordly manner again, entered the countdown stage.History repeats itself.