[Enta vitamin ♪] was prolonged bout it is too “radical? “Koki Kameda defense Round Girl.Teshima Yu publish photos of woman wearing leopard.

In Boxing WBA bantamweight world title match that took place on August 31, Teshima of Gravure Yu served as the round girl.She has published in the blog the woman leopard costume figure that could not be seen well in broadcasting.

Champ Koki Kameda was successful in winning a decision defense in the game, but the costumes too sexy Teshima Yu who experienced round girl for the first time was not able to see much on TV.It is published by the service pose that emphasized hip and bust photos taken in costume at that time in her title “Teshima Yu official blog” Piyopiyo diary “” in the “Koki Kameda player defense ☆”.

sexy mini skirt sequins chain, gold was higher in collar costumes she represents a leopard woman as saying, “The theme is … offense” and.”Great game or more”, “has been KO one shot” from readers, comments such as “! Yo (In what looked like a shimmering it’s being in the bleachers) could not be concentrated in the game” has arrived.

There is also a voice “costume because was too fired up into, the game it was last prolonged” and but, scene of round Girl Teshima Yu was the extent to which sometimes figure for viewing at ringside without being broadcast in the CM flows in the TV broadcasting was.Scene on the ring of Kumada Yoko, who served as a round girl also fell through, but I did not see the round girl figure “Teji of (Teshima excellent) Round Girl figure of Teshima Yu also should have received considerable attention at the venue But that voice shock “there were many.

She has also published two-shot photo with Koki Kameda in the blog, but he is showing a refreshing smile over the shoulder belt.It seems to say that one piece that satisfaction in the defense of this time appeared to smile if it’s photo after the game is this.
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