DPR Korea, TeiMasaru world “would be Kagawa Umasugi”

DPR Korea, TeiMasaru world that lost to Japan represented by three preliminary round first match W Cup Asia Two days, was held at the Saitama Stadium.The comment was received.

Zheng large world
Because …… I thought “Well, it was to bring in a draw.I’m sorry I expected the game content, and because he can expect me equal, if not chance, I wanted to go back with a win one point absolutely.A fresh pair of legs because I had to defense at that time, his was the change is, I am convinced of course.Flow is getting better player number 10 to enter in shifts, because I felt the possibility a little, if there is a red card in the flow, made the chance many times, three points for four points also collected It became so expand it not be funny, I am frustrated.It does not change whether I’ll leave, but can not be helped.It is hoped that because I thought Japan that’s on the case, and let them Katere to other countries cubic qualifying.It had been said to aim at the back, but the position to take the ball was so low, it did not make a scene like that.We were I’m going to put up with when I was listening to the national anthem, but he cried a little bit ”

– Did you talk about what the Japanese players?
“No, there was no such scene.And if you talk in this, there would be no pride.It is a shame really.But it would be Kagawa Umasugi.Hasebe also really good.It was expected, and … Although I it was a strategy as per their ”

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