[China] Japanese BBS or not high nose than the Chinese?

“Do Japanese higher nose than the Chinese on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Thread, known as “was erected.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: 61.185.29. * I want to listen to everyone, but the nose is not high Japanese people?I saw a lot of drama in Japan, but the nose of the Japanese seems higher than Chinese.Disappointed ….


● better 碎肉 nose is high because it cool.Cool people I think we have played in the drama of Japan.

● 58.34.196. * Population is large Chinese.I need people more than 1.5 billion.Most people are not high nose.But I thought you have 1.2 million people is also high position.People of rural countryside smells, but the features are in place.I think that there relationship geography, climate, both ethnic After.Provincial cold northern nose a little high than the people of southern.From what you hear, the nose of Han of ancient China is so was very.But I must have gone changed for Mixed. (China’s population Is that 1.5 billion people)

● nose of Hazama I ascetic Japanese high?And I think that it is not the same as China?

● people of high nose is often the minority of the show in Ando#8226; sword sword unmanned China.Uighur people of the high nose everyone. (People of Uygur is, it has a totally different features and Han Chinese)

● I think that it is not always the case watertight Lost In Beijing grapes peach! Nose is high what white! Result is adapted to the environment over a long period of time.High nose for us to suppress the cold air to receive the light of the sun more.The weather in Japan Is not that like not so cold! And I do not think the person has a high nose and cool.The important It’s not whether you are well-equipped?Nose was not high Twink everyone you’ve seen me.

● 74.76.50. * Uighur is White ….It is no relationship is cold and the?

● if it’s the case there is a relationship between the cold outside Chusei extraordinary Ando#21153; Ministry, people of Hokkaido’s high nose?

● Of course, Noboru-ryu Kazukita Metropolitan actor – because I have chosen a man handsome.

● Do not think so essential Tsutsumitsutsumi 88 this shin, nose and the higher you go if you go north I.In relation to climate.Yeah, I dare!

● nose of the small man _ people I’m not low so much.

● Naa not think suika_0123 layer.I saw a thread Lord huh drama and movie.This is different in the real world.

● 118.169.136. * Have you ever been to Japan several times, but the Japanese high nose for sure! Big eyes! I think aesthetic is because had done ahead of China in the Edo era.Moreover, the difference between the rich and poor Sukunashi Japan, I want to care about the face.In the birth rate and marriage rate low for decades, ugly is likely to have been culled.(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)