Japan, for us to greet [] Kyarabizumu now only vending machine

Andre Kyarabi said, 84-year-old born in France in 1927.It is a member of the country club pen.There is a book such as “Europe eye-opening” in Japan.It is a Japanophile of more than 40 years living in Japan, but recently, events flagrant in Japan this is often very much.Manners, money, Japanese, women and children …….Towards the Japanese now, and issues in the collection of Proverbs Kyarabi Mr., hard-hitting “Kyarabizumu”.Well, what do you take? The first time, is the “manner” ed..

● Beaucoup de personnes pensent que le mot “Manières” est seulement un mot technique concernant le portable!

Recently, people who are misunderstood words to say manners dedicated language, manner mode of the mobile phone often!

● Ceux qui ont des manières ennuient ceux qui n’en n” ont pas!

For those who do not have manners, People with manners would be annoying!

● Pas de savoir-vivre chez soi, pas de savoir-vivre chez les autres.

There is no reason it is the home of another person if there is no manners in your own home.

● Si cela continue, il n’y aura plus que les débiteurs automatiques qui nous remercieront!

At this rate, what can you say hello can not be the only one vending machine!