Discontinued uproar of the T-shirt reading “My brother! Do I do instead so! Not a done homework because I cute” and

“My brother’s instead do so! Not a done homework because I cute!” This word, how do you will feel.In fact this,’s a word that is printed for children shirt famous store brand JCPenney of America has sold, but there was a riot the end of this shirt is controversial abroad recently, and be forced to situation of discontinued he.

This product was intended for 7-16 year-old, had been sold online only $ 9.99 (about 770 yen).As a claim to fame of the product, there’s no such time to have a new CD of homework is to be released that (Canadian Idol of popular teenager) “Justin Bieber on the company’s site.It is written girls, and “will love this shirt cheeky little feel pretty in the same way as their.

On the other hand, a lot of criticism he was out of the Internet users and parents with children.In Facebook, Twitter, people representing the discomfort and anger, such as the following for JCPenney is it after another.

A Critical opinion on the shirt of the problem

“I have never seen the way so terrible promotion”
“The terrible also the intention of humor”
“For the children, you are sent a wrong message”
“Do you want to stop the sale quickly, and should apologize”
“Is not an appropriate representation for girls of age of the product”

Such as …….In addition, it is not fit only criticism on the net, protest that was filed against the company are also collected more than 1,600 signatures.Its contents, and might have to sell cute “is, but it JCPenney is doing, as it promotes the idea that appearance than cleverness worth of a woman as a thing of the man academic some.The thing further, that “there is also seems to entice chase enthusiastically Justin Bieber.

JCPenney, we will deeply apologize to the people it is an unpleasant thought with the product of “Our contrast.That apologized and “did not apologize to Shi apologize for the inconvenience.And, that it stopped selling the relevant products, and was also removed from sale the company’s site.

What do will see this uproar.Or …… overreaction of consumer words that have been printed or sales pitch of the product or whether was past the time.Is to watch out anyone who does not know in any event, word of any meaning is what is written on the T-shirt of his own.It may be that it Nantes, was content outrageous Why do not you noticed.

Ref: Mail Online (English)