“I broke the trust relationship of Japan and Taiwan” to prosecute taxi driver of sexual assault on a Japanese woman = – Taiwan prosecutors

September 2, 2011, Taiwan prosecutors indicted on suspicion of sexual assault plus Xie AzumaKen suspect of taxi driver.Prosecution 11 months in prison in ’10.The 3rd, China newspaper network reported.

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Incident happened late at night July 11.I invited Xie suspects apparent Japanese college girl that got lost (21 years) and let’s feed.Was added to the sexual assault and threatening to take him in the mountains, etc. strangle the neck.

Sometimes then, there was a blunder to bail bail 50,000 Taiwan Dollar slightly (133,000 yen), suspect to flee, “and destroyed the Japan and Taiwan relationship that is built by the Great East Japan Earthquake support”, “sex crime I had attracted the attention and response to criticism person is “too sweet.

Prosecutors asked for the punishment severely criticized Japanese college student and marinated to the point you are not familiar to geography in words, of 11 months in prison in ’10.Japanese college students return home already.Talk Taiwan men dating partner to have kept in touch over the Internet, and said, “want you to put in jail until they die” Xie suspect.(Translation and editing / KT)