How to eat rice dumplings I of [China] Japanese BBS, I’m funny?

Thread “of eating and drinking habits of the Japanese … funny” and was erected on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site.In Japan, it seems there are many ways of eating that seem odd From a Chinese.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.


● main thread: for example suika_0123 dumplings (gyoza) such as rice, such as salt to watermelon I’m funny …?There is a funny way of eating In addition to.


● Idiot power Kaitsukasa Nantes Chinese eat dog meat. (That person of ethnic Koreans eat is I seem to be many)

● main thread guys, eat the flesh of dogs so you quit.Defend the dog.In trying to protect dolphins and whales without eating while you’re at it.

● whirlwind __ Tues Japanese do not eat duck.Europeans do not eat pig feet.It’s not the difference of habit? (It is what both are eating well in China)

● there is a snail in the restaurant of the Idiot Denkai Tsukasa France.You eat? (Escargot is haute cuisine)

● I be wrong habits of individual cat basis Haihan.To eat the flesh of the dog is not bad, habit is not exactly the case.Indians do not eat beef.The first place than had been talking about eating and drinking in Japan in this thread ….

● crst888 Japanese put the sugar in omelet.I applied to the rice raw egg.

● will not I mean salt to watermelon rose melody.Never to come alive until now, was such a thing.The fried dumplings that in Japan it is not a staple food and a side dish.Normally, Japanese do not eat dumplings.

● Chinese meat forever dog is delicious.People of Okinawa eat snake in Japan.

● Have you ate I larvae of cicadas xuhuhe main thread?I’m a high-protein.It is sold at 12 yen two dogs in the place of my.

● guy like o0 0o thread isolated castle 傲雪 Lord’s most troublesome.Or trying to protect the dog, such as the Na-eating dog.Saying such as cute, eating fried chicken and if you look at the birds.Many Chinese people eat pork, but I do not say that to try to protect the pig why?The human race to eat anything – whatever can be eaten.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)