To brucellosis university students, fear … source of infection of fertility loss sheep = Heilongjiang

I found that in the Northeast Agricultural University in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin (Harbin) city, 27 students and one teacher has been exposed to brucellosis in December 2010.It is seen teachers and students and from infected sheep that was used to practice of dissection.Severity of the condition has not been disclosed, but when it becomes brucellosis men heavy, it may not forced to a treatment consisting in the loss of reproductive capability by cutting testicle (testis).China wide 播網 is reported.

Brucellosis’s infectious diseases such as sheep and goats consuming a lot, but it’s zoonotic disease that humans infected-onset.Cause bacteria Brucella.Infect any organ also in humans, resulting in inflammation and fever.According to Mr. Wu Qing people China Agricultural University Animal Medical College, if a man had developed, that there may be times when you want testicular swelling Agari very large, is excised leaves.

It was developed brucellosis in Northeast Agricultural University is a total of 28 people 14 boys and students one teacher, 13 girls students.It is to be infected from sheep that was used to practice of dissection to December 19, 2010.The university, it has not been the quarantine of animals used for dissection practice.

For the history of the symptoms and treatments specific seen in the teachers and students, have not been told.

Was recovered, but some male students of joint and systemic waist that hurt.You are attending university side is expressed to be to “become expelled and not to attend,” but, like the waist that start to hurt badly when sitting for an hour in the classroom.

June, Animal Medical College director of the university was dismissed to be interpreted to be a commitment of brucellosis occurrence.It will pay all medical expenses, the universities that and damage compensation by talking to students and families.


◆ I found a relatively large number livestock sheep and goats, and cattle in developing countries Remarks ◆ brucellosis.I have also been observed on China.If you eat or drink dairy products and milk heating is insufficient, there is a case to infect humans.Further, when dealing with meat or internal organs of cattle infected with Brucella, can be infected from the mucous membrane of the eye and wound.It is canine brucellosis is large in Japan.Dog brucellosis cause of infertility, miscarriage of dog.

In the case of Japan, that the infection to humans is almost sucked the bacteria at the time of breathing in the laboratory might be due.If the patient was purchase of brucellosis, reported to the health centers are required to doctor.

Brucellosis is specified in the B class legal reporting infectious diseases in China.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)