“It was finished without conceding a goal lead and then” Shark Island to evaluate the defensive side

The 5th, Nadeshiko Japan won 1-0 Kawasumi Naomi cited the winning goal against Australia in the Asian final qualifying round multiplied by the London Olympics.As a result, I will be participating to the London Olympic Games is decided Depending on the results of North Korea against the next war.

Aya Sameshima a fully played as left-back, told the following in an interview after the game.

That it was a tough “fight, but it was leave the result was good because then lead.Because there is height, I was talking with the defense team in the pre-game Scouting.There were a lot of places it is difficult in the defensive side there is a height and speed, but it was good because it was completely protect by taking the communications firm.I think that it was over without conceding a goal to lead the next ”

And London Olympics determined in defeat … The next race in Australia in the final point Nadeshiko, of Kawasumi
“Is willing to do Dorokusaku everyone aside from content” Pink Sasaki
“Although I thought it was also whether to strike it on their own …” Kawasumi of the winning goal assist
“Was the only hit the ball great,” Sakaguchi Yumeho the opening goal / Olympics Qualifiers
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