“Golf ball in the practice field -” baptism of Away in Sports Watch] Nadeshiko Japan

Nadeshiko Japan facing the London Olympics Asian final qualifying, taking the win with tight 1-0 play against enemy fire Australia representative in the third round of the 5th.

However, in the host country of the tournament, China, baptism away for Nadeshiko Japan is, seems to be going on in the severity flagrant.Heading release the 6th “Weekly Asahi Performing Arts” (9/15 issue) in the “NEWS SHOT!” And “outrageous Away baptism of China Attacks” reporters stormed the bus “and” golf ball mine, “pink”, the I’m told the peripheral information.

For harassment of China, “First of all, the local arrival early of August 28, local Chinese newspaper of stormed the shooting prohibition zone, sports writer to comment on magazine, issue by Gekisha Japanese players who relax in a private bus now.Limits on media coverage is taking also Japan media, local paper published the headline as “world champions threatened to reject the photo, and cancel the coverage of all”, to large-bashing as “arrogant” is also against it I says, “is misplaced anger the first time.

In addition, there is no sense to private and only place to become full visible from the outside “practice field football writer.Moreover, the practice field of August 29 is also used as the golf course.Ball is not fell like mine, I was throwing to coat the outside of the golf ball as “file ~” Sasaki while the wry smile on the pitch.Practice the day before the match against Thailand in the (stadium), and was surprised even more, the Chinese Football Association I was issued a notice of unprecedented “spike ban lawn because spoil”.Desuyo the first time in official practice among the interview experience of my.But, voice “unfair, but I want to look back and won the game” and that he has “had come out from the players.

Jinan is the venue, there is also the impact of war during the day, anti-Japanese sentiment is high in the center of the local elderly.The magazine, we are told “The players we have refrained from going out at any time off,” also, in a situation where stress and pressure from day to day accumulation, pink we do be able to survive the harsh Qualification -.
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