The Public Offering Korea police, the emboldened Takeshima Guard

Japan and South Korea claimed sovereignty over Takeshima South Korea squat but (Korean name, Dokdo), the 6th, the police authorities of South Korea to “young people of Korea thriving vigor” do you wish to make security Takeshima themselves now It has announced it will recruit.

An official of the police, “Currently, our combat police guarding, are on a mission when security is a person, who has been chosen at random about why were recruited.But, “explains decided to dispatch a person you want to guard Dokdo from the beginning in the future.It said, “has determined that if accustomed to guard volunteered as Marine Corps, security forces of Dokdo Guard sharpened, patron intention also become more apparent”.

I accept 6 to 23 month recruitment of the first phase Guard.Work starts from November 10 to submit the application form, if you pass the examination.And that preferential treatment in the military service obligation not Osamu’s -30 years and under 18 years of age, to have life-saving personnel qualifications and boat handling license, such as a chef’s license Qualifications.

Korea, etc. to build a dormitory or heliport, advance the illegal occupation of Takeshima and steadily.By the in-volunteer the Guard, under the effective control’s signs are likely to be strengthened.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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