Also draw on the road, “quality is not growing,” Mr. Sergio [Sports Watch] Japan representative

The 6th Japan time, in the capital Tashkent in Uzbekistan, one round of the second leg = Japan representative × Uzbekistan three preliminary round soccer W Cup Asia has been carried out.

Japan representative that allowed pre-emptive goal of Jeparofu to 8 minutes into the first half, and caught up in the goal of Okazaki 20 minutes into the second half, the match, won by points from one draw.It was a fair game, which is struggling in the land of away, but football commentator Sergio Echigo Mr. or with what kind of impression -.

Starting lineup is announced before the game, in on his Twitter, “starting lineup is Detana.Kashiwagi is out of the starting lineup against North Korea, Abe entered.I think in the volante, Abe and will make you feel Endo and Hasebe enters the position of top to bottom in a fluid probably.Uzbekistan’s home, and it will come aggressively than North Korea.Sergio, who said it “I think it’s the other party can take three points firmly.Representative against tweets that he became a football fan annual has started this day.

However, the completion of the first half Japan forgive the lead in the development of the unexpected, “a one-to-one is pulled out easily.Left side too beaten.It’s likely the lawn hot even deeply, and movement dull.However, it is an opportunity if you put in a simple middle.Na there is also a choice to be in the top two ahead of time.Was tweeted a breakthrough added, “I think by removing the Abe, the two top right side of Lee, Okazaki, opportunities and increase Once you have a thicker center Kiyotake.

In such after the game, Sergio, who was also “a general comment tweet”.In retrospect, “After the game, was won as a result, but the Asian Cup game also step on the thin ice was often.It’s that the quality would not have increased from the time that.Kiyotake has changed the rhythm, but I did not notice much benefit of containing Hafner.It, “said I should have a sense of throwing him to the more simple, they did not forget the candid advice.

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