Henan Zhumadian – rescue the 17 people police abuse = gratuitously intellectual disabilities brick factory, unresisting

September 4, 2011, conducted an investigation of illegal brick factory Henan Zhumadian City, Castle Ward, the Prefecture Nishihira.I have rescued 17 people with intellectual disabilities, which has been subject to a number of hard labor.The 6th, river network reported.

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The 4th, Henan TV aired a special on illegal brick factories in Henan.In harsh conditions intellectual disabilities who do not rebel, entities are working yet without the awards become clear.Investigation team of 40 police officers was organized immediately in Zhumadian Prefecture Nishihira the presence of illegal factory was revealed on the show, binding on the six suspects, nine people with intellectual disabilities has been rescued.

Same day, the investigation is also carried out at the station Castle District, rescue eight people with intellectual disabilities.I was detained illegal plant managers, the foreman, et al.In addition, if there is any illegal brick factory similar to other, you have deployed the investigation.(Translation and editing / KT)

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