Weekly Shonen Jump No. 39 breeds misunderstanding of “Kochikame” series end

“Weekly Shonen Jump” by No. 39 of the 5th release, misunderstanding longevity manga Osamu Akimoto “This Katsushika Kameari park before police” is become the series end is spread, it became a hot topic.Was found to be just a misunderstanding by jumping to a conclusion, but it was shown to spread about “flathead turtle series end” is the trend of the word twitter, the height of interest in longevity work.

Is the longest running piece of jump that is series start from 1976 got close to the “here Katsushika Kameari park before police” stands for “Kochikame”.Live-action drama film adaptation by Katori Shingo (SMAP) and starring animated have also been.It is the work that is socially recognized as the bronze statue of the hero characters from Ryotsu Kankichi also be built in the Kameari Katsushika is the main stage of the work.

Is the end of a book author comments that have been posted on the jump inception of misunderstanding of series end.Sentence “last volume of the first edition JC limited special edition is released in December” and gave birth to jumping to a conclusion “series is finished, the last volume will be released in December” and.

I is in the sense that it be the last in 177 volumes to be published in the December launch of the first edition limited edition hardcover (Jump Comics = JC) actually.Appendix is ​​attached to the first edition limited edition and hailed the 35th anniversary special program series until 177 volumes from 173 Volume.For example, Volume 173 has become appendix and signature card of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Wind.It is that the planning of the appendix that ends in 177 volumes.

Is the text of which there is no misunderstanding for the purchase of books layer is endnotes comment.However, it is not enough to buy the book but does not understand the meaning of “first edition limited special edition”, a layer of interest to the “Kochikame” that could be interpreted as “the last volume = series end”.Comics faction increased recently, momentum magazine is decreasing as before, but the spread of misinformation “Koc turtle series end” were allowed to re-confirm the breadth of “Kochikame” fan base.

Ending comments number of characters is limited by nature prone to text a meaning.And become a hot topic Kubo Taito the author wrote, “for a moment more, is forward to Ichigo us,” said series truncation is when it did not determine – “BLEACH-bleach” in the endnotes comment No. 37, before the previous issue was.

The same comment at the end of the Ishin Nishio of No. 37 of “Medaka Box” authorship day all be all present chairman No way “is to try to Koyo ….I say there are a deep feeling, and thanks “for everyone.This hint at the fact that there is a possibility that the work will be censored before the entire chairman appear all together.

“Kochikame” series end was a misunderstanding, but is worth watching the end of a book comments real intention of the author is a glimpse.

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