Kankodori giant game of “dollar box” is China and Japan! It can not be disputed rant Yomiuri Watanabe president!

Despite a two-position battle chasing first place Yakult, Kankodori is squeal hall, Chunichi vs. Giants game that the 6th September, was held in Nagoya Dome home of the Chunichi Dragons, the mood of the game just like digestion.Attendance is 23,441 people of the worst season in China and Japan hosted the game at the same stadium.This was the entry of the lowest in the Giants game at the same stadium in 2005 after a crowd became real announcement.

Currently, three giant team, Hanshin, of China and Japan will follow directly lead Yakult, Central League expand in second place of intense dispute about rank is the daily.At the time of the celebrated game of the 6th, 3.5 games behind first place to the possibility of victory was left enough Chunichi.The worst attendance record in one game with the giant “box $” in the context, shock of team officials big.
For some time, has continued to be smacked gossip from fan “Ochiai baseball is boring” and.Despite played a league title in four years, attendance is down 100,000 (’09) compared the previous year last season.I had fallen into a situation that customers do not fall strong.As if proportional to the team state, 29,835 people (the 6th game now = 52), attendance of the organizers of the game per game be less than 30 460 people last season (72 game) this season roast.

This season, took the lead once in the first half of the game, but the larger stall in the second half.China and Japan have been sluggish, etc. Demote five places.While proud of the good pitching staff of the 1st place team ERA league, team batting average of 12 teams have at least as indicated, in the lineup hindered flagrant, shutout defeat many will not take the point.Fan’s look away even it’s only natural you are not typing, the point is to not enter.
For CS (Climax series), three pillars “Hanshin, giant, Yakult is … if he is Tsuneo Watanabe, chairman of team Yomiuri Giants on that occasion, in the 1st.Very nice considering the (fan) Population professional baseball, in the Shrine and Yakult, it is to bisect the Tokyo.The remarks as “I as an economic effect.And eager to CS held Tokyo Dome, at Jingu Stadium, did not wish to CS advance of China and Japan.
Sino-Japanese team officials, fans seemed angry in this Watanabe statement, but it is like to record the worst attendance in the Giant game of cash cow, in terms of “economic effect”, has become impossible to argue very.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

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