China – roots lost the house Yo Pink, because I won the North Korea

London Olympic Women’s Football Asian final qualifying round takes place the fourth Section 8 days.Three straight wins “Nadeshiko Japan” to play against North Korea until now, Olympics is determined without waiting for the final clause if you win.On the other hand, preliminary decision defeat China and defeated against Australia.Shinnami-mo has announced a plan hope Japan decided to compete in the Olympics, went that get lost the match against China in the final clause is “throwaway match”.

It is China that connects the possibility of Olympics with victory in Thailand in the previous section, but the partner of two races in Japan and Australia.While recognized as a very severe situation, two-game winning streak Expect to it after having won the “Australia, Japan me beat North Korea.Were presented the “best plan” against China will be “throwaway match” for Japan That way, chance is “born to us.

However, I tried to ask the Japanese press that the coverage in the match venue for this plan, and that responses were received “that Japan will cut corners impossible” and from any reporter.

That the Japanese can not be helped to be considered “Now.Director and Chinese players showed enthusiasm I must win to Australia anyway “fight” real, “he said from now.All, it’s depending on the results of the 8th.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)