Price of clothes to UNIQLO standards

The other day, I was interviewed by well-established manufacturers and jeans Big John.There was a remark “price of basic blue jeans is supposed to UNIQLO criteria for consumers” and Big John from the side occasion.Its pros and cons to this, but want to evaluate and have seen correctly objectively the current state of item called “jeans” Personally.

Uniqlo jeans is 3990 yen.I think not much people who buy at this price.Quantities are aligned plenty without having to buy at list price in a hurry, and is subject goods on the weekend discount sure once in few weeks.It is 2990 yen Most of the time, but also when you fall to 1990 yen in rare cases.I suspect consumers mostly as being purchased in 2990 yen probably.

Well, it is the analysis of Big John side, but the majority of human beings are bought at 2990 yen jeans Uniqlo “list price 3990 yen.If it said we are a professional manufacturer of jeans with or can be produced at the same price products of the same quality, it is not possible first.And that “becomes about 5990 yen absolutely.(Production volume of UNIQLO so many digits off, production cost per one be cheaper than Big John) consumers do not buy in 5990 yen jeans our Assuming “further.Besides, it would buy at 2990 yen discount on the weekend, jeans UNIQLO.

Was continued jeans Our method is “not only to the product of more than 10,000 yen or 8000 yen or more by increasing the quality silhouette and texture, and design overwhelmingly than Uniqlo.And concluded, “I take the measures we stop the mid-price range of 5990 yen such as 4990 yen So, to strengthen the high-ticket items of 8000 yen or more, 10,000 yen or more”.

The reason, and whether such a story, because it may have thought “Uniqlo price criteria” of that is nothing not to be limited to jeans.
For example, I think “Uniqlo price criteria” would be T-shirt, as well as lamb’s wool sweater, and the price of casual item of much of it other than to be “Uniqlo Standards”.

There are designers that Teppei east of 10 years younger just.I have deployed my brand called “RBT” in Osaka base.It has been quite firm in spite of 10 years younger, that this place is often chided.

He is also not manufactured mostly by price does not pass through graphic print T-shirt basic.Is not visible to the eye, but the “standard of 1500 yen if UNIQLO” exists and that he not sell almost be produced in about 5000 yen a basic graphic T-shirt.The person who or intensive switching decisively, was priced of around 10,000 yen in the decorative design is it’s sell.

If you think the focus on T-shirts, PB of United Arrows and “Beams but what?Question of “also springs.Center price of graphic print T-shirt of the PB of Beams is central to 3000 yen to 2000 yen If you look at the over-the-counter current, United Arrows would also be almost the same level.I wonder where the price difference between the T-shirt of Uniqlo that 500 yen to 1500 yen.

If there is a brand of United Arrows and Beams if the price difference if this much, you can barely compete.When you add the icing on the cake though, you do not sell Oh yeah graphic print T-shirt basic of PB if exceeds a 5000 yen also a brand force of United Arrows and Beams how much.It’s sold at a price of 5000 yen or more, or some product of design, color pattern, graphic unusual overwhelming even PB, either in goods or a brand strong overwhelmingly you have purchased from other companies.

However, in the case of brand name recognition is also not so much on a small scale, such as RBT, it is not possible to compete with far from UNIQLO T-shirt of 5000 yen.So it is to the T-shirt of 10,000 yen or more “non-basic” and design.Because you can clearly differentiate.For that matter, it serves as a reference for one definitely is “¥ 1990 UNIQLO” if lamb’s wool sweater plain.

After all, it is the same for other brands and other items, but can not win the “Uniqlo reference price” in the merchandise basic.In order to overcome the UNIQLO reference price, it is necessary to have won such as texture, design and color pattern silhouette clearly.And do not if you do not set higher than the Uniqlo clearly the price.

Is a medium to high income earners absolutely target.

I came up suddenly now, but not the taste and age, target customers of each brand, or should not be the first priority to the amount of income.

Income> taste> age

Of that or would not be a priority.

To sell high-ticket items that towards the medium to high-income households, with the appearance that could be differentiated from the UNIQLO clearly.I think whether it is the direction of this apparel has only the size of the UNIQLO below to be taken.

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