Was presented at the pros and released “Dragon Quest X” nets to lower Enix Co., Ltd.

Share price of Square Enix Holdings to launch in 2012 game software the popular “Dragon Quest X” dull.

The company’s share price, the year-to-date record high it with a ¥ 1878 to September 1, 2011 of the new “Dragon Quest X” announcement before.I was with a 1805 yen at the closing price of the 2nd.But stock prices fell from the 5th day of the announcement.Apparently, the reputation of “Dragon Quest X”‘s like poor little.

“Does not have to be online” Square Enix game lovers “race-online five Shi Awakening Dragon Quest X ~” will be released in 2012.Since its launch in 1986, “Dragon Quest” series hit game boasts a record of shipping 58 million more than in all the world.Reason alone, many people should’ve been waiting for this new announcement, but and does not bulge.

The reason, this game seems to be from the sale as “online games”.To remember a match game and say online games, Dragon Quest is the first place “, where he can become the hero was good some game enthusiasts.Spill to be “enough to enjoy alone.”Dragon Quest” fan, not a few fans from the NES era.”As much as Some fans do not do that only Dragon Quest game, should be online in the game there is no such person,” you are not accepted into the online game “change”.

For an online game of “Dragon Quest X”, pros and cons are rife in the net.

“Lighten as it is Dragon Quest or Seriously such as online” and will Ne such as online numbering title Na, but I was good and you were online to the “Gaiden.Condition Anyway If the next exit immediately FF to (Final Fantasy) like, the years’m out once Nantes Dragon Quest numbering “” FF is also to’m completely online numbering to, and “yan, I do not really know even Dragon Quest.

As Square Enix, so you wonder which it will be PR extrusion in front “of popular Dragon Quest became the first online game” that is, it is the approval of a conventional fan necessarily does not seem to.

Or partly that sort of thing was a high level until just before announcement, stock prices of Square Enix that had highs 1838 yen, and values ​​in the scorching afternoon session until September 5 morning session plummeted too and 15 minutes around 14 times lower, and announced a new “Dragon Quest X”.1723 yen to fell by temporary.

Lower still is the next on the 6th, the closing price of 1565 yen 197 yen depreciation compared with the day before.The fall continuously for seven days and closed at 1550 yen 15 yen depreciation of the previous day.

There is a buy-back a little on the 8th, it was 1560 yen 10 yen the previous day.

Stock prices rise, coupled with expectations for new.After that, the drop in price is aimed at profit is seen well as price movements.However, it may be troublesome when it becomes the cause of the fall is related to the reputation of “Dragon Quest X”.

XIV (14) work to have been released “FF (Final Fantasy)” is, it became XI (11) work and subsequent online game, but time took it to be fixed as “online game was.Evaluation also went up by now, and “had been struggling originally released, official game industry look back.I have seen “(in stock) that sales of FF XIV of the same online game is weak even suspect that the influences” and.

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