The resignation announcement before the Chinese national team coach, fight “to win the pink” of bombast

London Olympics women’s soccer final Asian qualifying conduct Section 4 to the 8th, I draw Japan and North Korea.Because China was defeated in Australia, qualifying defeat of China became the decisive Olympics in Japan makes decisions.Lee 霄鵬 China national team coach who has boasted to be “beat the Pink” for some time was expressed resignation by without waiting for the Japan match.Beijing Youth network reported.

At a press conference in Australia after the war that was lost 0-1, “The players did our power.Incompetence of the director’s cause Eliminated.Coach Lee spoke against Japan is “made under the direction of a last, I have to clear the advance and retreat of their own.

And expressed resignation, but to against Japan in the final game and take command.The phrase “will show us the power of their faces at full power kit”, was expected to rouse the players.

Coach Lee, which has led the women’s team over the more than one year is not mature team of “Now.I have to evaluate the team is a small part “can not even chance.And was to be the development of youth is the foundation of soccer culture is the most important challenges for the future.

“Coach of the higher level have to do the Chinese women’s football,” the difference is larger in men and “women.It says the most important thing, “said that persevere for the successor, it signed a retirement press conference of their own.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)