Embroidery needle from rust in the lungs, the Chinese men did not notice as much as 20 years.

Chinese person in question is that it does not noticed …… chopsticks remains stuck near the eye …… knife still stuck in his head and, though it is unnatural state clearly, strange stories human body have been many reports.Story of men who did not notice than 20 years that this time, embroidery needle’re part of the lung in such China is reportedly.

According to the network, such as Phoenix and China Komyonippo paper, this man Hu’s 26-year-old living in Fujian Province, Xiamen City.August 15, where Hu, who feel the pain of the breast is subjected to a medical examination in Xiamen university first local hospital, the fact is it was discovered.

Initially, doctors saw Mr. Hu had been considered a “wound of muscle” the cause of chest pain.However, to implement the CT scan just in case.Then, it was decided to check the elongate foreign matter around the lungs, performed surgical removal of foreign material for safety.

The not so big, surgery is completed in about 20 minutes just.However, Mr. Hu also doctors you have already surprised to see the things that have been removed.The foreign matter, it was a embroidery needle of 4-5 cm with a needle hole.Further, in the situation where the embroidery needle is already rusted, instead of entering the lungs Recently, it was found that it was in the body for a long time.

When and where are you anxious, embroidery needle’s what went into the lung, but that there is no clause that come to mind Hu’s own.However, doctors guess “in the early days of Mr. Hu was born, needle than stuck in the lung,” and.It said, “might have been stuck in for when someone in the family has the sewing, it was not put away properly embroidery needle”, “baby because there is no wonder even cry, the family noticed that itself the needle is stuck It is viewed as “probably was not.

And allow of no decision this guess is correct or not, but a salvation that was nothing per ever Hu’s.It said, “was dangerous very needle if it has pierced the heart and blood vessels if”, while harboring the lungs embroidery needle, official hospital are surprised that more than 20 years was also delayed is a healthy life.