Japanese companies do they discriminate against women?

■ proportion of women in management and managers of “Japanese companies is very low compared with other countries.I saw an article a basis “there is a problem.Story like this comes out on a regular basis.Japanese companies are discriminating against women, or will the unconscious to appointing women.

I do not think such a thing.Companies that or become a disadvantage in promotion on the grounds of sex only, have closed the road to the directors and managers, would not most of today.I think that is destined to be the selection of companies feudal anachronism such.

I think actually now, few women to directors and managers of the company, may be a factor in the society of the old high.Apart from, in many companies, around 60 years old – late 40s has become a center directors and managers young company Start Today and optimism, such as Glee.

Generation of around 60 years old – late 40s now was born, it is around 1950-1965.Became an adult is around 1970-1985.Social climate Men still a dominant is left at the time, form men working outside, women that stay-at-home mom was common.Women quit work Once you get married, and become stay-at-home mom was the large number.

Therefore, the generation of around 60 years old – late 40s now, women who built a career in the habit of the Board of Directors and managers is the reason very few.I think this is the biggest factor in women is less management and managers of Japanese companies now.Even want to appoint a woman, human resources is not less.

“Amateur throat” Minister of the Japanese government even seems to be all right, but the management of the private sector is not in the position throat amateur Tsutomaru.You must have prepared to do a hard work by carrying high ability and achievements, personality survive intense internal political competition and a heavy responsibility.

■ due to globalization of · IT, is about 10-15 years, income of employers Japan has steadily falling Dada stop depreciation prorated barrage.

With changes in social conditions such form of “men work outside, women housewife” refers to is crumbling in the younger generation of today.Because it is a high risk strategy, one can become (househusband) housewives, and it is men and women two incomes is commonplace.

Therefore, women of the younger generation of today, the possibility of people to build a career as get used to directors and managers, increase significantly when compared with ever would be high.

Therefore, when it is about to to 50’s late 40s, generation of 20 to early 30s per now, I think do not need to do anything proportion of women in management and managers is whether not to rise You.

■ The risk factors that women rate does not increase, there may be a consciousness of women.

According to the survey, such as a president, a woman named “want to be a stay-at-home mom” is often still likely.Japanese women, than to play an active part in working crunchy, stay-at-home mom-oriented might be strong.

Woman “Once you get married and find a nice partner, you can quit a full-time job, do not want to work in the house” and is large, the proportion of women among the management, will not rise quite still.

Therefore, if as a problem proportion of women among the executives and managers is of less, than the activities “Japanese companies case improve the ratio of women” and, “O Yamato Nadeshiko, hard worker, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel Aim the.I think that the educational activities that “should work with the aim of executives and managers is it effective.

(Source: Wikipedia)

However, if you say such a thing, it becomes a total Scandic no doubt.It would be Sekinoyama is to be said “more important than that, I’ll create a society like to become full-time housewives Atashi we are in peace” he said.