Idiot get lost! The rant on the net at night China women’s national DF, of “the end of the war”

China, which defeated Australia in the London Olympics Asian women’s football final qualifying round, Olympics became almost desperate.It is believed that players and are keenly aware of the weight of the responsibility, but the scandal some players with vomit rant against BiHiroshi user is (China version of Twitter) after the game is raised.Chinese media and much more Xinmin network reported.

Posted a screen copy seems to be account of China representative DF 袁帆 players to be the 9th, Karadadan-mo and vomit rant “tweet”.It introduces how the written seven times in six minutes, “stupid”, “morons”, “Chinese football I do not go forward because of the fool who does not know football like you” or to the user named Ayakaumihama love was.

According to the Xinmin network, for two users who have pointed out that you are playing in the fine Hiroshi until late at night on the day of qualifying defeat was decided almost defeated the big game, 袁選 hand bear to look at vulgar “very It’s like that was not the Abisekake “rant.Remarks user has been removed prematurely, the specific content is a mystery.

In net, the voice of supporters to “anger” act will lead to further down image of women’s soccer went up.It was also some users to introduce that it has received a suspension disposal squad of another vomiting rant in fine Hiroshi on than ever.

Even while the “do not know”, Mr. Wei 曹景 of the State Sports General Administration football management center in charge of national team said he would be some guidance, if fact.Some even able to make a “mistake on the one hand.There is also a slight hope to leave one game yet.It is considered that since the end of disposal if necessary.I showed the concern that it “want without affecting the psychology of the players if.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)