Machida Mitsugi-moto diplomat Korea = “Korea in half of the remains” an honorary citizen of Seoul

The 9th, Seoul announced it had selected to be honorary citizen of Seoul foreign total of 16 people in 12 countries were to contribute to the development of international exchanges and Seoul.Machida Mitsugi-moto diplomat was chosen in Japanese.

According to the report, Seoul City awarded the “Seoul honorary citizen certificate” to 666 people a total of 91 countries from 1958.Of, Americans most 168 people, and the next was the 40 people mentioned in Japanese.

Machida limb former diplomat who became honorary citizen of Seoul became a Seoul citizen finally to come watch “more than 50 years.I gave the voice of joy and feeling “and Na had admitted that it has struggled to it.

“Anti-Japanese sentiment of Koreans also disdain feelings to Korean Japanese also disappeared equivalent” Machida is also Korean “So even while the Takeshima issue is left in Japan and Korea between the two countries in an interview with South Korea media I have evaluated the Japan-South Korea relations and the current “etc..Moreover, it said that “I will die in Japan when to die, but I would like to fill in half of South Korea remains” the.

Until his retirement in 1964-98, worked as a diplomat in South Korea about 30 years, had served as a professor at Sungkyunkwan University and Sejong University of Korea until ’09 to retiring after Machida former diplomat.The vice-president of trading company currently.There – “Japan-Korea relations of the real face that only diplomats know from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul” and “Japan-Korea intelligence war” in the book.(Editors: Kimukokorozashishu)