Expressed support coordination G7 closing, the slowdown of the world economy

The 9th, make sure that make a coordinated response to the global economic slowdown, advanced seven countries finance ministers and central bank governors meeting that was held in France (G7) was closing.Shows the response policies and fiscal and monetary policy, to the exchange rate, but failed To come up with action specific measures.

It pointed out that “is seen obvious signs of slowdown in the world economy” in the agreement document G7 announced, and expressed the need to be addressed that I got of the international cooperation against this.

For fiscal policy, and said, “formulated a medium-term fiscal consolidation plan in consideration for ambitious growth based on the financial framework that is credible, must be executed” and.On the other hand, there is a need to take a “delicate balance” in light of the fact that signs of economic slowdown can be seen, and also taking into account different situations in each country, to achieve the soundness of financial support and economic activity that can be “difficult I have a “must be walked on the road.

For monetary policy, “the central bank, there is a supply ready liquidity,” “In order to ensure the robustness of the financial markets and banking system, take action all the necessary” as, and of liquidity if needed I showed the attitude to take active measures such as supply.

The foreign exchange market, the “volatility and disorderly movements of excessive exchange rate gives an adverse effect on financial stability and economy,” “it is in close consultation with respect to actions in exchange markets and cooperate as appropriate,” as, in August I have followed the statement of telephone conversation of the 8th.